sabato 29 ottobre 2011

Monolithe " Monolithe I "


The Wider Is Connected To The Smaller
All Is One And One Is All

Maelstrom Of Connecting Elements
Embracing Absolute Nothingness
Melting Into Useless Stripes,
Moving To Nowhere With Purposeless Destination

Through Time And Space

In Brotherhood With An Abstract Presence
In A Sphere Of Absurd Vacuum

It Has Always Been A Deep Black Hole
Without Meaning For The Ones Who Were Once Put There
Trying To Find An Aim To All This
In Presence Of An Alien Reflection They Progressed
Unconscious Of A Cosmic Plan
Distant From Uncountable Centuries Away
And The Time Had Come...

There Was Just Nothing And Then It Was There
Then Darkness Disappeared...

Far From The Random Shapes Of Nature
Beyond The Bounded Knowledge Of Men

Shining In A Morning Sun,
It Was Standing, Beautiful

An Artefact Raised At The Horizon Of Earth

A Sense And A Purpose To The Being
From Beyond The Infinite And Further

A Non Understandable Communication
Messenger Of What Was Once,
Still Is And Will Ever Be

Past And Future At The Lowest Point Of The Scale
A Sign Of The Watchers, Kindly Looking To Their Herds

Waiting To Be Reached, A Clue From Above,
A Mean Of Colonisation Through The Aeons

Through The Aeons...

Self Confident Intelligent Species,
Used Like Flock, Raised To Thoughts And Civilization
For An Unreachable And Inexorable Goal
Nothing Was Random, A Beast Known As Mankind
Evolution Through Ageless Times

A Monolith As Message
For The Sake Of What ?


ANNO : 2003
FORMAZIONE : Richard Loudin - Vocals
                      Sylvain Begot - Guitars, Programming
                      Benoit Blin - Guitars
                      Nicolas Chevrollier - Guitars
                      Marc Canlers - Bass    

Che botta ! Non c'è che dire, davvero un belissimo viaggio quello creato dai Monolithe. Funereo, apocalittico e asfittico, intrigante e pesante quanto lo può essere un monolite nero di quasi un'ora di musica. Opera avvolgente e oscura, da maneggiare con grande cura. Non per tutti in quanto il genere proposto dai francesi, quel funeral doom metal quì rappresentato alla grande, è lungi dall'essere di facile ascolto ma chi si addentra in questi oscuri e funerei meandri, ne riesce con un qualcosa in più. Superlativi

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

Anata " Better Grieved Than Fooled "


Tempted To Believe ?
Even I, In My Solitude
Cried For Help And Wished For
That Someone Would Be There For Me
Better Grieved Than Fooled
And I’m Prepared To Accept My Suffering
To Live With Pain
In The Price For A Life In Truth

Me Being The Only Lord
I’m The Only One Who Can Forgive
And The Only One To Create
A Future Worth Believing In
But I Live A Bitter Life In Truth
And Curse Its Powerless God

[Lead : Schalin]
[Lead : Allenmark, Schalin]

I Can Deeply Regret
My Clarity Of Vision
Life Had Been Much Easier
To Live, Getting High On Faith
Get A Reason To Live
Have A Blind Faith In The Future
Forever Stoned
Forever Blessed In Cowardice

Me Being The Only Lord
I’m The Only One Who Can Forgive

Better Grieved Than Fooled
So I Live A Bitter Life In Truth
And Curse Its Powerless God

ANNO : 2006
FORMAZIONE : Fredrik Schalin - Vocals, Guitars
                      Andreas Allenamrk - Guitars
                      Henrik Drake - Bass          
                      Conny Pettersson - Drums

Che canzone ! Piccolo capolavoro di tecnica, melodia e brutalità di questo grandissimo gruppo svedese. Il lavoro armonico creato su tutta la durata della canzone è a dir poco sublime. Da brividi la sezione centrale dove si rallenta il ritmo e prende maggiormene piede la qualità dei due chitarristi. Il tutto supportato da una sezione ritmica devastante.  Anche dopo svariati ascolti, ci sono dei passaggi magari sfuggiti in un primo momento. Meravigliosa davvero.
Per quel che mi riguarda, una delle migliori creazioni in ambito technical death metal.

martedì 11 maggio 2010

Meshuggah " Bleed "


Beams Of Fire Sweep Through My Head
Thrusts Of Pain Increasingly Engaged
Sensory Receptors Succumb
I Am No One Now Only Agony

My Crimson Liquid So Frantically Spilled
- The Ruby Fluid Of Life Unleashed

Ripples Ascend To The Surface Of My Eyes
Their Red Pens Drawing At Random, At Will
A Myriad Pains Begotten In Their Wake
- The Bastard Spawn Of A Mutinous Self

The Regurgitation Of My Micro Nemesis
- Salivating Red At The Prospect Of My Ruin, My Doom

Malfunction The Means For Its Ascent
Bloodletting The Stringent Voice To Beckon My Soul
So Futile Any Resisting Tension
As Death-Induced Mechanics Propel Its Growth

The Implement, The Device Of My Extinction
- The Terminating Clockwork Of My Gleeful Nane
The Definitive Scourge Of Its Mockery
- The End-Art Instruments Lethality Attained

Heed - It Commands, Heed My Will
Bleed - It Says, Bleed You Will

Falling Into The Clarity Of Undoing
Scornful Gods Haggle For My Soul
Minds Eye Flickers And Vellicates As I Let Go
Taunting Whispers Accompany My Deletion

A Sneering Grin, The Voice Of My Reaper
- Chanting Softly The Song Of Depletion

ANNO : 2008
FORMAZIONE : Jens Kidman – Vocals
                      Fredrik Thordendal – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
                      Mårten Hagström – Rhythm Guitars
                     Dick Lövgren - Bass          
                     Tomas Haake – Drums, Spoken Vocals

La prima volta che ho ascoltato questa canzone sono rimasto a bocca aperta. Ho amato alla follia fin da subito il suo ritmo all'apparenza semplice, ossessivo e dannatamente efficace. La sua semplice follia è geniale. E in generale tutto "ObZen", a cominciare dalla meravigliosa copertina, è stupendo. Forse, per certi versi, il capolavoro dei Meshuggah e per chi scrive leggermente superiore a "Destroy Erase Improve", geniale lavoro del 1995 che ha fatto conoscere i Meshuggah al mondo intero. "ObZen" : intenso, folle, disturbante, coinvolgente.

lunedì 10 maggio 2010

Rhapsody " Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness "



The Prophet Told Of Loud Thunders Quaking The Surface Of Earth
When The Black Raven Would Have Turned Victim Of Wonderful Spells
He Would Have Become A White Swan Born From The Darklands Of Sin
Neither Would Aresius Have Believed What Was Now Changing In Him
Swan... Prince Of The Magic Lake... Dargor's Your Name...

Gargoyles, Fly
Gargoyles, Rise
Gargoyles, Fly High... !
Angeli Di Pietra Mistica
Ladri D'Anime Fieri Volano

Another Mess Of Vampires, Masquerade Of Sadistic Pride
He Could Not Endure These Cruel Games
Against Him Who Once Spared Its Life
He Realized So Not Too Late To Be Really Far From His King
Far From His Infinite Blood Thirst, Too Far To Call Them Right For Him
Rise... Fly High And Steal His Soul... Angels Of Stone...

Gargoyles, Fly
Gargoyles, Rise
Gargoyles, Fly High... !
Angeli Di Pietra Mistica
Ladri D'Anime Fieri Volano

Ti Invoco O Terra... Colora Il Mio Nero
Con Fiera Lealtà Io Giuro Sincero...
Tra Anime Morte E Caos Immenso
A Gaia Sovrana L'Amore più Intenso... Io Dargor A Te...  

Gargoyles, oh my brother gargoyles
Rise now, rise for his soul

[II - EXOTIC INTERLUDE (Instrumental)]


Dargor, dO iT... It Must Be Done...
Free Your Rage And Light Your Soul...
It's Gaia's Call...

...The Powerful Energies Of The Furthest Secret Cosmos Heard
So The Prayer of Our Mother Gaia, The Supreme Spirit
Who Gave Us The Miracle Of Life... And Her Dark Son Breathed New Life...
The Power of The Dragonflame Was Realizing What Had Seemed To Be Impossbile...

And This Is Then The Epic End
Of The Legendary Tale
Of The One Who Found The Light
And The Dragonflame Inside
Of The Tragic Rain Of A Thousand Flames
Of The Town's Defenders Who Faced Pain
Of Symphonies Of Enchanted Lands
Of Whispers Of Love And Hate

The Dawn Of Victory Can Breathe In The Wind
And This Would Mean The Great Rebirth
Reborm, The One Who's Giving His Life
...The Towns Lying On The Ground
Be One (Be One !) Of Us (Of Us !) And
Act As All The Prophecies Want...
To Mountains And Valleys, To Fire And Snow,
To Sun, Moon And Wisdom Rise Your Soul...
It's The Call... !

Oh No, Oh God, Oh God No
What Is Happening !

Angeli Di Pietra Mistica
Ladri D'Anime Fieri Volano
Angeli Di Pietra Mistica
Ladri D'Anime Fieri Volano

Oh, God, My God...
It Happened... It Happened !

Dargor mortally struck the queen of the dead and called the mighty gargoyles against
the legions of darkness... He pushed Akron into the hands of the nordic warrior,
now a dying victim of terrible tortures... the chosen one let himself fall into the deep
marshes constraining the black king, with the emerald sword again in his hands,
not to move... they became food for the snakes of the abyss...
But this sacrifice had a terrific and great effect and Akron's death meant the victory
on the evil forces of abyss... once... forever...
Remember, proud brothers... everything is possible... when you let the mystic power of
the dragonflame burn in your heart... believe it...'s the dragonflame!

Tenebra, Tenebra... Domina !
Tenebra, Tenebra... Danna Me !
Let Me See His Face...
Furia Cieca, Caos In Me...
Lead Me To Your Horned Beast Named King...
I Will Call My Fire, Air, Earth,
The Oceans' Waters... To Stop Inferno's Breath !
Tenebra, Tenebra... Domina !
Tenebra, Tenebra... Danna Me !
Tenebra... Libera Me !

ANNO : 2002
FORMAZIONE : Fabio Lione - Vocals
                     Luca Turilli - Guitars
                    Sascha Paeth - Bass, Classical Guitar
                    Alex Staropoli - Keyboards
                    Jay Landsford - Narration
                    Dana Lurie - Violin
                    Bridget Fogle - Female Baroque Voice
                    Manuel Staropoli - Baroque Recorders
                   Thunderfoce - Drums

Canzone epica, suggestiva e dannatamente coinvolgente. Avrei potuto scegliere un 'altra canzone, magari più rappresentativa, ma ho sempre amato l'epicità di "Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness".Si possono dire molte cose sui Rhapsody (adesso Rhapsody Of Fire). Inanzitutto è indubbia la loro importanza nel panorama metal mondiale e che piacciano o meno, grazie a loro (e non solo a loro) possiamo vantarci anche noi italiani di avere gruppi metal con le palle che non hanno nulla da invidiare ai gruppi stranieri. Per chi scrive sono grandissimi !